Most instagrammable spots in Java

Oct 01, 2018
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Make your own story one worth sharing.



From Java’s more popular tourist destinations to it’s local only hush hubs, your journey around this picturesque island will definitely be one worth sharing. Mountains. Temples. Villages. All the aesthetic goodness you could ever ask for, just waiting for an add into your next Insta story.


Mount Bromo, the summit of an active volcano is exploding with hashtags and selfies. Not only does it offer an awesome view of a very alive volcano, but provides prime panoramas of surrounding mountains.  





For a powerful photo with some serious panache, visit the Prambanan Temple, the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia. This complex structure features some of the finest architecture in the country and is well worth a walk through.





Escape the crowds to explore Ngadas Village for a gram that will open the eyes of all your followers, offering a unique glimpse into a much more traditional Indonesian way of life. Far from our tech savvy, fast pace routines. With loads of super shareable, interesting content to be collected, this trip is an absolute must.


Java will make for an epically shareable story. As the whole family gather round to scroll through your feed, you too can relive your incredible Java journey over, and over again.