Ambon is an island of colonial history and picturesque beaches. Visit the remains of fortresses used in the war against the dutch while exploring the natural beauty.

To put yourself into a tropical postcard, Liang beach and Natsepa have enough white sand and palm trees to make you forget home. And then further out there are several islands worth a visit. Osi Island and Pombo are the most common with people seeking an adventure off the main land.

The Ambonese culinary experience is not to be missed. Famous for its version of sambal, the taste is similar to Mexican salsa and is delicious over grilled fish.

Ambon also hosts one of twelve World Peace Gongs which are located in several countries around the world. It was erected to celebrate the peace that returned to the island after a bloody civil war.

Another worthwhile attraction is the ‘Pintu Kota’, or ‘City Gate’. An eroded hole in a wall of reef that emerged from the sea millions of years ago.

There’s a lot of reasons to put Ambon on your bucket list. Look through our selection and add some to your favorite lists…

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